Treasure Maps for Windows Phone 8 updated

14-04-07   treasuremaps windowsphone8 free 

Get the latest version here

Here’s a brief list of the relevant changes:

  • Fixed the rules for the double levels not showing up
  • Fixed the update button redirect: from now on it will point to the market and not to our website
  • Bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements

Be a smart pirate and get it while it’s free: it won’t last forever :D

Explore Windows Phone 8 with the latest Treasure Maps

14-04-02   Treasuremaps WindowsPhone8 free logic game 

At last, Treasure Maps for Windows Phone 8! Free for a limited time so be a smart pirate and go get your treasures!

Custom Levels - week 3

14-03-29   alberi alberiplus free custom customlevels 

A bit late this week, still in time for the weekend!

Enjoy on Alberi Plus:

TreasureMaps and iOS

14-03-26   treasuremaps ios free alberi 

Together at last.

It has finally been approved and the full version is free for a limited time!

Get it here:

Free levels for Alberi Plus - Week 1

14-03-14   alberiplus free custom android 

We promise we deliver:

Here’s 18 custom levels for you to play in AlberiPlus:

Get more info on custom levels here:

Have a nice weekend!!


14-01-08   treasuremaps onethousand android download 

Treasure Maps reached 1000 downloads! Here’s a nice way to celebrate: all the levels 33% off for the next 24h!

Windows Phone 8

14-01-05   windowsphone8 treasuremaps porting 

A discounted phone and a weekend’s worth of time? Porting for WindowsPhone 8 it is! Going smooth, iOS will come after!

Treasure Maps 1.0.2

13-12-31   treasuremaps update 1.0.2 android 

Quick update: some levels fixed, some levels added, an in game update-available notification and other stuff under the hood.

As always, get it here:

About the audio

13-12-28   treasuremaps music sound effects sfx giuliobursi 

Have you tried Treasure Maps yet?

The one thing that still makes us smile whenever we fire up the game is the music, designed and composed in collaboration with our dear friend and talented musician Giulio Bursi:

Should we add more sound effects and background music tracks or do you like the game just like it is now?

If you haven’t tried it yet get it here:

Treasure Maps 1.0.1 now available

13-12-25   treasuremaps android 1.0.1 changelog 

A minor update coming with some quick bugfixes, improvements and love for your battery. Namely:
- Dashes for empty cells are now smaller, don’t lose your Xs.
- Particle effects on the field are now simpler, lighter, whiter.
- Frame-rate capped at 45 FPS, should now be lighter on battery but still smooth.
- Fixed a bug in the statistics calculations.
- Fixed a bug in the statistics slider, it’s now much harder to break it.
- Fixed some other boring stuff.

We definitely should be playing with our gifts but we like coding way too much :)

Thanks for all your feedback and enjoy!