Hello there! It looks like you mastered Alberi and now you want some more, ok then let's get started!

To start making your very own levels you will be using our editor (AlbEditor). Just follow this guide and craft your levels.

  • Download AlbEditor from here:
    Depending on the browser you are using you may or may not get a scary warning. Don't panic. The file is 100% safe and the warning is just shown by default for any .jar file.
  • Start AlbEditor.
    AlbEditor is written in Java and should work out of the box, just double click the AlbeditorV5.jar file you downloaded. We tested it using Windows and Linux Ubuntu but it should work without any issues under MacOS.
  • Use the "Editor" menu to begin the creation of a level, select the size and how many trees per row/column/zone you want.
  • A layout of trees will be randomly picked, if you don't like it you can start the creation of a new level to get a new random placement or use the button on the bottom to "Switch to edit trees' position mode" so you can move around the trees.
  • While in "Edit cells' color mode" (the default mode) you can click on a color on the top to select it and then use it to paint the cells by clicking on them.
  • When you are done placing trees and coloring cells you can click the "Check level" button on the bottom. Please allow some time for the operation to be completed.
  • If there are issues with your layout a popup detailing them will be shown. If the only issue is that there is at least one alternate solution, "ghost" trees will be shown indicating one possible conflicting solution.
  • If there are no issues you are now ready to export your level: give it a name so you can remember it, fill in the difficulty and decide if you want to share your creation with us.
    You can always load an exported level using the "Editor" menu.
  • To play a custom level on your device connect it to your computer and copy the files in this folder : /data/com.twistedmirror.alberiplus/levels/
    If the folder does not exist just create it, be careful to type it out correctly! Root access is not needed, the folder is in the "external storage" (that may or may not be an SD) of your device and you should have full read/write access to it.
  • Have fun playing the awesome custom levels you made \(^__^)/
  • If something is not clear or working properly you can check the "How to use" tutorial under the "?" menu or just write us an email at